concept | brand philosophy | total corporate design 
creative direction Michela Cavagna
design Marina Maffei
photos Giandomenico Frassi | Fabrizio Cicconi | Paola Paschetto | Archetipo Creativo 

ArsalitArtes, art flies the arts, its etymological meaning.
A bridge between art, craft, textile research and design, its mission.
This Renaissance workshop uses exclusively natural fibres and dyes and the production is entrusted to a native and totally controlled cooperative network.
It’s the challenge of a versatile and out of order-team, it’s an anti-dogmatic, ethical and self-funded endeavor to get back its genius loci, in the pursuit of a new responsible micro-economy.
Limited edition and on-demand textile sustainable solutions, designed for people and for their space, considered as an extension of themselves.
A philosophical dialectic, design and production find their highest expression in the fabrics.
They’re created with recovered native Italian wool, often retrieved directly from the sheperd, to revive a short and controlled productive chain.
Fibers become the soul of unique and unconventional artifacts, carefully and methodically weaved (1 squared meter per hour),totally natural thanks to the dyes of vegetable extracts, often studied from the same essences.

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